The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI) and its National Capital Region Librarians Council (NCRLC), in cooperation with the National Book Store and Anvil Publishing, Inc., cordially invite librarians, archivists, other information professionals and students of library and information science and archives to a forum entitled: Managing Disasters for Libraries, to be held, August 30, 2007, Thursday, 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. at Function C, World Trade Center, Gil J. Puyat Ave., corner Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Professor Heather Mansell, Preservation Consultant and Secretary, State Library of New South Wales, Australia, has been invited to talk on safety issues, prioritizing and recovery strategies to normalize operations after a disaster.

The objectives of the forum are: 1) to prepare libraries for emergencies and disasters; 2) to teach librarians and archivists on how to assess extent of damage and assemble resources; 3) to assist librarians and archivists in developing recovery plans; and 4) to help librarians and archivists implement treatment and recovery techniques according to standards.

Registration fee is Php 100.00. Students will be given 50 % discount.


The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI) and its National Capital Region (NCR) Council will hold a three-day Seminar-Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Libraries on July 26-28, 2007 at the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) Auditorium, T. M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila.

The seminar-workshop aims to: (1) inform the participants on the latest technologies that have been applied in library processes and services; (2) update participants on the emerging technologies that are being developed for libraries; and (3) provide a venue for sharing experiences of librarians and information professions on the implementation of technologies in their libraries.

The target participants of the said seminar-workshop are librarians and information professions/information specialists/managers, library administrators, archivists, library and information science educators, knowledge managers, friends of the libraries and students who want to keep abreast of the latest development in technologies for libraries.

Topics of the seminar-workshop are:

  • Technological implementation in the Philippine Libraries
  • Creation, Control and Preservation of Digital Resources
  • Multimedia and the Information Professional
  • Integration of Traditional and Reference Services in the Age of Digital Libraries
  • Emerging Technologies for Libraries: Present and Future
  • Libraries, Knowledge Management and Higher Education in an Electronic Environment
  • Digital Libraries and the Future of Scholarly Communication

For inquiries and reservation, please contact the following persons:

Lily F. Echiverri
Tel No. (02) 929-2180; (02) 920-5514 loc 301
Email: lily.echiverri@gmail.com; lilia.echiverri@up.edu.ph

Jocelyn L. Ladlad

Tel No. (02) 524-4611 loc 602 or 265

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(Source: Seminar-workshop Invitation/Programme)

Mr. Chito Angeles gives lecture on the design and implementation of the UP Index to Philippine Newspapers Online

Mr. Chito Angeles, currently the Information Technology Officer III and Head of the Computer Services Section of the University Library, U.P. Diliman and Faculty member at the UP School of Library and Information Studies (formerly UP ILIS), was the guest speaker during the PLAI-NCR Lecture Forum Series on “Design and Implementation of a Web-based Online Database of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN)” held last April 23, 2007 at The National Library, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila. Around 150 information professionals attended the said forum.

Started in 1981, the IPN is an index to nine locally published newspapers, namely: Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Express, Manila Chronicle, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Malaya, Manila Times, and Times Journal. During the forum, Mr. Angeles talked about how the project was conceived, has progresses, up until it has become fully operational. He then gave an overall demonstration of the IPN Online’s main features.

According to him, indexers of the Filipiniana Serials of the UPD University Library indexed newspaper articles using 3×5 slips which are then arranged alphabetically by subject. He said that the initial automation of the newspaper index begun in 1991 and continued until 1995 wherein records were encoded in a CDS/ISIS database.

In 2001, Mr. Angeles attempted to develop a web-based version of the IPN using a proprietary database. Records were then converted from the CDS/ISIS to the new system. Finally, the development of the IPN Online was completed in 2006 as a requirement for the degree of Master of Library and Information Science. His thesis entitled “Design and Implementation of a Web-based Online Database of the U.P. Diliman Main Library’s Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN)” is now the Best Theses for the Graduate Program 2007, awarded by the UP School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS).

The IPN Online is a complete automation software for newspaper management and article indexing. It includes the following major features: (1) Newspaper Management / Issue Management Article Indexing; (2) Online Public Access Catalog (search engine); (3) Online Request Interface (for reading/extended reading, photocopying, or printing); (4) Circulation Module (Lending of newspapers in print/microfilm); (5) Built-in Authority File (for subjects and author names); and, (6) Virtual Cart (book marking records).

Libraries here and abroad may now access the IPN Online for free at the UPD University Library Website.

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The University of the Philippines Institute of Library and Information Science graduates topped this year’s licensure examination for librarians given by the Board for Librarians, in Manila and Davao, on November 28-29.. The first ten placers, as released by the Professional Regulation Commission are:

     1. Florbella Sedillo Bongalos, U. P. 86.00
    Maria Cristina Tomboc Nabaunag, S. L. U. 86.00
2. Maria Rowena Sapon Romero, U. P. 85.75
3. Gladys Joy Enriquez Entico, U. P. 85.40
4. Eugene Jose Toledo Espinoza, U. P. 85.15
5. Brian Aljer Bravo Coballes, U. P. 85.10
6. Angeline Gilera Alcayde, U. P. 85.00
7. Mark Christian Abel Juan, U. P. 84.80
8. Michel Addun Pinto, S. L. U. 84.70
    Arlyn Campos Selga, S. L. U. 84.70
9. Clarivic Peña Dominguez, U. P. 84.55
10. Janice Gumiran Ammugauan, P. U. P. 84.50
Rosemarie Dorotayo Balidoy, U. P.84.50

The top 3 performing schools are: University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and Saint Louis University.

303 passed out of the 825 who took the examination given by the Board for Librarians whose membership include: Corazon M. Nera, Chairperson, Elizabeth R. Peralejo, Member, and Elnora L. Conti, Member.

The new librarians will take their oath before the board on Friday, 05 January 2007, at 1 p.m, Manila Hotel.

Registration for membership with the PRC’s accredited professional organization, the Philippine Librarians Association (PLAI) starts on Monday, December 11.

            Library and information science graduates troop to Manuel L. Quezon University to take the Licensure Examination scheduled today, November 28 and tomorrow, November 29, 2006.  The examination is administered annually for those who would like to be licensed to practice the library profession in the country.

          The examination covers the following subjects: Library Management, including Laws related to Philippine Librarianship, Cataloging and Classification, Abstracting and Indexing, Information Technology, Collection Development, and Reference and Bibliography.

          The examination is administered by the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission-Board for Librarians with Mrs. Corazon M. Nera, Library Director, Lyceum of the Philippines, as Chairperson, and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Peralejo and Nora Conti, as Members of the Board.

          By Sunday, December 3 or the first week of December, result of the examination will be known. PLAI-NCR wishes the examinees good luck and looks forward to welcome them as members of the Association.

          NCR Chair Salvacion M. Arlante, University Librarian of the University of the Philippines Diliman, reports the accomplishments for 2005-2006.

I.  Membership 

          There are 350 active members for 2005-2006.

II. Meetings 

          Sometime in August 2004, a Task Force called for NCR by Fe Robles, then PLAI President, was created composed of : S. Gonzales, A. Santos, S. Arlante, T. Moran, R. Tarlit, R. Rosali and M. Chavez to form the NCR Regional Council simultaneous with the preparations of the 13th Consal Local Organizing Committee. The Task Force on the first week of September  issued a call to a general assembly meeting of all NCR librarians at The National Library.  It was  attended by about 160 active members.  In this meeting, nominations to the NOMELEC, House of Delegates, Board of Directors and National Board of Trustees nominees.  Elected officers were:

               Elnora Conti
               Marlo Chavez
               Susan Pador
               Jesusa Manhit
               Belen Vibar
               Monalisa Leguiab
               Placida Limpin
              Teofila Manzanilla  

          HOUSE OF DELEGATES       
               Elvira Lapuz
               Florenda Mallari
               Milagros Santos Ong
               Flora Valmonte

          BOARD OF DIRECTORS        
               Salvacion Arlante, Chair
               Eva Brillo, Vice Chair
               Jocelyn Ladlad, Secretary
               Susima Gonzales, Treasurer
               Dante Perez, Director
               Fe Angela Verzosa, Director
               Miguel Cobaria, Director

               Susima Gonzales
               Salvacion Arlante
               Dante Perez
               Fe Angela Verzosa
               Eva Brillo

          During the National Book Week celebrations, the National House of Delegates chaired by an NCR member Atty.  Antonio Santos conducted the elections for the National Board of Trustees at the National Library.  The NCR Treasurer Ms.  Susima Gonzales was elected as PLAI President for which Fe Angela Verzosa took over her post at the NCR Regional Council as Treasurer.  S. Arlante and E. Brillo were elected to the National Board of Trustees for a one year term.

III. Activities

          As early as 2004, NCR officers were directly involved in the 13th CONSAL Local Organizing committees.  The PLAI President, as member of NCR, chaired the 13th CONSAL Executive Board.  Other officers and active members of NCR were assigned to the Local Organizing Committees:

Chairperson : Atty. Antonio Santos
Co-Chairpersons : Prudenciana Cruz
Salvacion M. Arlante
Secretary : Rosemarie Rosali
Asst. Secretary : Lilia Echiverri
Treasurer : Teresita Moran
Asst. Treasurer : Marlo Chavez

          The list of NCR members assigned to various working committees of CONSAL 13 is appended.

          On 12 October 2005, the NCR Board of Directors, House of Delegates and NOMELEC met at the UP Main Library to discuss the forthcoming elections for new set of officers for 2006.  In that meeting, it was agreed that NCR propose to the PLAI Board to defer elections of the regional councils and maintain status quo with a recommendation that the PLAI Board calls the House of Delegates to conduct a special convention in order to amend the By-Laws and the provisions on election. The proposal was unanimously approved by the PLAI Board members present.

          On 4 August 2006, the NCR Board called for a general assembly at The National Library for nominations to a new set of officers for 2007. Nominations were accepted for NOMELEC members, House of Delegates and Board of Trustees.  Proposals from the body to prolong the nomination period to accommodate further nominations via telephone, fax and email until 18 September 2006 to be handled by the holdover NOMELEC body was approved.   On 9 October 2006, the NCR Board, House of Delegates and NOMELEC met at the UP Main Library to finalize the election guidelines and consolidate nominations with acceptance from the nominees.  It was agreed to call for a general assembly in preparation to the general assembly and  elections set for 11 October 2006. Elected were the following:

                 Marlo Chavez
                 Teresita Moran
                 Rebecca Jocson
                 Helen de Castro
                 Mona Lisa Leguiab
                 Angelita Timbangcaya
                 Corazon Garcia

                 Rodolfo Tarlit
                 Salvacion Arlante
                 Fe Abelardo
                 Lilia Echiverri
                 Belen Vibar
                 Nora Claravall
                 Jocelyn Ladlad

          HOUSE OF DELEGATES      
                 Shirley Nava
                 Elvira Lapuz
                 Florenda Mallari
                 Mila Santos Ong
                 Linda Tayona
                 Loreto Garcia
                 Cecilia Guevarra

                  Salvacion Arlante
                  Fe Abelardo
                  Rodolfo Tarlit
                  Belen Vibar
                  Susima Gonzales

          On 08 November 2006, the NCR chair called the newly elected NCR Council members to a meeting at The National Library. Elected officers for 2007 are:       

Chairperson : Lily Echeverri
Vice Chairperson : Belen Vibar
Secretary : Jocelyn Ladlad
Treasurer : Fe Abelardo
Auditor : Nora Claravall
Directors : Rodolfo Tarlit
Salvacion Arlante

          A good number of PLAI NCR members attended the conference on “Mainstreaming Values of Libraries, Librarians and Information Professionals in Knowledge Societies” held at the Manila Hotel on November 21-23, 2006.

IV. Projects

          To be launched during the Fellowship Night celebrations are two significant projects of NCR, namely: Scholarship Grants for Elementary and High School pupils and Adopt a Public School Library. Also to be launched is the online version of the PLAI-NCR Council Newsletter.

At the General Assembly of the PLAI –NCR Council held on October 24, 2006 at the National Library Auditorium, the following were elected to the Board of Directors: FE E. ABELARDO (National Library), SALVACION M. ARLANTE (U.P. Diliman), NORA J. CLARAVAL (UPILIS), LILY ECHIVERRI (U.P. Diliman), JOCELYN M. LADLAD (DLSU), RODOLFO Y. TARLIT (U.P. Diliman), and BELEN M. VIBAR (UA & P). At a meeting on November 8, 2006 at the Conference Room of the National Library, the following officers were elected in the presence of the NCR Council NOMELEC, Mrs. MARLO C. CHAVEZ and REBECCA JOCSON: LILY ECHIVERRI (Chairperson), BELEN M. VIBAR (Vice-Chairperson), JOCELYN M. LADLAD (Secretary), FE E. ABELARDO (Treasurer), NORA J. CLARAVAL (Auditor), and SALVACION M. ARLANTE and RODOLFO Y. TARLIT (Directors).

At the same General Assembly, the PLAI-NCR Council members elected their nominees to the PLAI National Board of Trustees: Fe E. Abelardo, Salvacion M. Arlante, Belen M. Vibar, Rodolfo Y. Tarlit and Susima L. Gonzales. Also elected were the Members of the NOMELEC: Marlo Chavez, Teresita Moran,  Rebecca Jocson, Helen de Castro, Mona Lisa Leguiab, Angelita Timbangcaya, and Corazon Garcia; and HOUSE OF DELEGATES:  Shirley Nava, Elvira Lapuz, Florenda Mallari, Mila Santos Ong,  Linda Tayona, Loreto Garcia, and Cecilia Guevarra.  

The officers of PLAI-NCR Council for 2007 will take their oaths of office at the dinner culminating the National Book Week celebration at the Villa Immaculada by Tamayo’s Catering in Intramuros, Manila on November 29.