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The University of the Philippines Institute of Library and Information Science graduates topped this year’s licensure examination for librarians given by the Board for Librarians, in Manila and Davao, on November 28-29.. The first ten placers, as released by the Professional Regulation Commission are:

     1. Florbella Sedillo Bongalos, U. P. 86.00
    Maria Cristina Tomboc Nabaunag, S. L. U. 86.00
2. Maria Rowena Sapon Romero, U. P. 85.75
3. Gladys Joy Enriquez Entico, U. P. 85.40
4. Eugene Jose Toledo Espinoza, U. P. 85.15
5. Brian Aljer Bravo Coballes, U. P. 85.10
6. Angeline Gilera Alcayde, U. P. 85.00
7. Mark Christian Abel Juan, U. P. 84.80
8. Michel Addun Pinto, S. L. U. 84.70
    Arlyn Campos Selga, S. L. U. 84.70
9. Clarivic Peña Dominguez, U. P. 84.55
10. Janice Gumiran Ammugauan, P. U. P. 84.50
Rosemarie Dorotayo Balidoy, U. P.84.50

The top 3 performing schools are: University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and Saint Louis University.

303 passed out of the 825 who took the examination given by the Board for Librarians whose membership include: Corazon M. Nera, Chairperson, Elizabeth R. Peralejo, Member, and Elnora L. Conti, Member.

The new librarians will take their oath before the board on Friday, 05 January 2007, at 1 p.m, Manila Hotel.

Registration for membership with the PRC’s accredited professional organization, the Philippine Librarians Association (PLAI) starts on Monday, December 11.


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